I grew up playing the usual high school sports and spent a great deal of time weight lifting. During undergraduate school body building was a primary focus but upon starting medical school my physique became less of a priority as I discovered hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Specific exercises and my nutrition were customized to fit my lifestyle. This brought me to realize that exercises should consist of functional movements in order to maintain an active life.

Working as an internist in the hospital for the last 25 years allowed me to see the end result of poor choices made on a daily basis. Chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc) have plagued our society such that it seems rare to find a person over 65 that is not taking medications on a daily basis. These chronic diseases lead to the need for hospitalization and often a higher level of care in a nursing home or assisted living. This scenario could be avoided if a person knew the problems they were most at risk of developing and knew how to structure their lives to avoid these problems. I have cared for people for most of my life after they become unhealthy and sick. I am certain that preventing disease is more effective, cheaper and consistently results in a better outcome. The biggest flaw in our current healthcare model is that we are not treating the patient, we are treating their disease and their disease is often an end product of poor lifestyle choices.

My goal is to reach people before their fitness and functional status begins to decline, help them identify things in their lives that put them at risk for future health problems and then work with them to design a plan to stay healthy and active for as long as possible. In the same way, targeted lifestyle modification can often correct or at the very least control chronic medical issues without the need for pharmaceuticals.


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