The concept of “chronic disease” did not exist 50+ years ago. Now, it is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. The most common chronic diseases are heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and arthritis. The crime here is that everyone of these problems are preventable and can be managed by lifestyle modifications. in other words, our lifestyle directly correlates with the poor health of our nation. When people move here from other countries, the rates of cancers and cardiovascular disease (CVD) among migrants from low-risk countries almost always increase dramatically. Proper eating habits and activity level as well as emphasis on the other important areas of our lives that impact our health (sleep, relationships and spiritual connection) can reverse and control the problems that plague our society.

This is why i have opened this clinic; to teach people that their health, wellness and functional abilities are controlled by the way they live. Our current medical system does well in helping people with acute, emergent medical issues like trauma or communicable disease but unfortunately the burden on our society is chronic disease. The current medical model only manages symptoms of these problems and does nothing to prevent or treat the underlying cause. I want to show people what problems they are at risk of developing, teach them how to live to avoid these problems and watch them enjoy life and live better, longer.

gary Childers