The impact of poor dietary choices; latest research

One of the most prestigious medical journals in Great Britain is called the Lancet. Last week the Lancet published a study that was funded by an independent party (Gates foundation). This study provided a comprehensive analysis of the impact of poor dietary choices on death and disease on a global level. They reviewed the dietary patterns of different people from different nations and found that when people of any nation made poor nutritional choices they not only died sooner but also developed more chronic diseases. This confirmed what many health care providers like myself have been saying for years; that we are what we eat and garbage in = garbage out. However, not mentioned specifically in this study was the fact that the poor choices that correlated most with morbidity and mortality make up the majority of the diet in the United States. Increased intake of processed meats, sugar sweetened beverages and processed prepackaged foods coupled with low intake of vegetables and fruit, nut and seeds and fiber rich grains produces a perfect storm for chronic disease and even death. When a study like this is published proving that the most common ailments plaguing out world today are directly associated with something as simple as poor dietary choices it should have every healthcare provider re-formatting their daily schedule. What is needed is more time for education and instruction on how to live healthier; more time spent with the patient stressing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our current healthcare model does not allow this time or foster this relationship.

gary ChildersComment