What to Expect:


Comprehensive Evaluation:

You will receive an intake form that I will ask you to complete as detailed as possible. This will describe:

  • goals (wt loss, disease prevention, getting off of prescription medications, better mobility, nutrition counseling, etc… or all the above)

  • Your personal medical history

  • You family medical history.

  • Food sensitivities, allergies

  • Symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, headaches, joint/muscle pain, etc

  • Sleep habits

  • Activity level/exercise habits.

  • If weight loss is a goal, diets you have tried in the past.

  • Medications you have taken and are currently taking.

  • Alternative treatments that you have tried or are willing to try.

  • Relationship issues (do you have support at home with your health goals, etc.)

  • Spiritual beliefs/convictions

  • After this is completed and forwarded to me I will review the answers and see what I can do to help. I will then contact you and discuss a brief overview of my recommendations and if you agree we will set up a time to meet. It is at this point that I will likely ask if you have lab work or testing from your doctor or a recent health fair and if not I can order labs for you (these can be billed through your insurance company).

  • I will then prepare a complete and comprehensive review of the intake form and a written (usually 4-5 page) document for our discussion.

  • We will meet for a complete evaluation and comprehensive review of your form, question and answer session, review of labs and tests and lay out a personal plan to help you meet your goals. We will discuss your previous medical diagnosis, what problems you are most at risk for based on your family/personal history and lifestyle habits. We will answer questions about medications including side effects and drug interactions, treatment options both mainstream and alternative and the evidence to support them. This will usually take 60-90 min and the time spent is completely up to you. Any family or friends that are interested in helping you reach your goals are welcome, at your discretion of course. If there are questions that i am unable to answer at this session, iI will research the questions and contact you afterwards with the answer.

  • With your permission and when it would seem to be beneficial, i will contact your other healthcare providers (primary care physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc) to discuss how we can work together to help you.

  • If you would like to see another provider or are interested in alternative treatment options, i will present you with the research and evidence to support your decision thereby helping you avoid treatments that are proven to be ineffective. By doing so I can  help you you find the safest, least invasive treatments that have been proven to be the most effective in your particular case.

  • We will discuss nutritional aspects of your health based on your current daily eating regimen and I can help you with answers to questions about specific diets/eating plans (keto vs paleo vs Adkin’s vs vegan, etc).

  • Based on your goals, lab work, dietary history as well as your medical history, we will discuss a particular eating plan for you. You will leave with the knowledge to formulate a daily nutritional plan suited best for you. I will help you with specifics to start with but my goal is for you to become confident in your knowledge of how to construct a healthy diet and lifestyle. The fad diets and quick fix/rapid weight loss diets are nearly always a short term fix; the way to live a healthy life is to understand the relationship between nutrition and health.

  • Follow up visits scheduled at your convenience over the next 12 months will not only help to gauge progress but also allow me to help you make minor adjustments as the need arises.

Nutritional review:

We will sit down and discuss your goals (weight loss, muscle building, endurance sports, etc)

  • Review what you have done in the past and what has/has not worked for you.

  • Discuss different “diets” and the pros/cons of them as well as answer any questions about things such as macronutrients, vitamin deficiencies, diseases most affected by diet (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc..)

  • Help you formulate a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.